Glass Bead Girls


1 participant (private class): 3 hour instruction ~ $160
2 participants: 3 hour instruction ~ $140 per participant
3 participants: 3.5 hour instruction ~ $130 per participant
4 participants: 4 hour instruction ~ $120 per participant
Each of the classes also comes with 1 Freedom hour in the studio afterwards -- where you can create whatever you desire with your new skills.
Cash, Cheque and Credit Cards Accepted | View Class Testimonials

Would you like to explore if glass bead making is your "cup of tea"? Then this class is your perfect opportunity to do so! In the introductory glass bead class we will focus on the basics to give you a strong understanding and foundation to begin your bead making skills.

This is your opportunity to fall in love with making glass beads; using a Nortel Mega Minor Torch with natural gas and an oxygenator, you will experience the joy of melting glass to make your own unique lampwork glass beads.

The picture you see to the left is an example of the beads your instructor will teach you to make during this class. Using beautiful Italian glass rods, (Effetre Moretti), you will learn how to melt and pull stringers which are used to decorate the beads you will be making and just simply to get the feel of "molten glass". You will learn to make plain single color beads and beads using two colors. As a treat, you will also learn to decorate beads using glass frit (tiny chips of glass). So fun!

The class is personalized with a maximum of 4 students with a teaching style that balances demonstration with one to one attention. I love the opportunity to have such a small class so that I can demonstrate skills and then be able to watch over you to offer advice and guide you while you try to attempt what you have just watched. During the class students will continuously receive individualized instruction to facilitate success.

I supply everything you could possibly need for this class, you supply only your own wonderful self and hopefully a friend to come along and enjoy this amazing art with you! Let’s have fun and try a wonderful new art medium. Come make a "molten memory" (glass bead), with your friend, mother, daughter, husband, or whoever you think would enjoy being introduced to lampworking. When the beads are ready for pick up, you can choose your favourite one for Rhonda to put onto a bale so you can wear with the included sterling silver chain.

For Safety’s sake please wear cotton clothing, (throw on an old comfy pair of jeans and a cotton t shirt), wear closed toe shoes and if you have long hair just tie it back. That's it! Simple.

Upon completion of the class I will also provide you with information of where to go to do public studio practice time and some basic information about supplies, etc. and I will always answer questions that may come up and provide support every step of the way. I will provide you my contact information to do the best possible job of this for you. Your beads that you make will need to go through the annealing process and sit in the kiln for several hours. So we will make arrangements before you depart regarding how you will get your " molten memories".

Thank you for your interest. I truly hope you enjoy this time immensely and that you leave feeling that you just tried the "coolest (hottest)" thing on earth!

If you have a particular date in mind, please feel free to contact Rhonda (me) at to request a date and make arrangements.

More classes are available after taking the beginner class. I will tailor a class to those who wish to learn more.

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