Glass Bead Girls

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom work?
If there is something that you would really like to have, run it by us and we will tell you if we can do it or not.

Can you make glass beads to fit troll or pandora bracelets?
Yes. Absolutely! We love making these glass beads.

Where can I purchase your glass bead jewelry?
Online at! Or you can contact me and make arrangements to come by my studio and view the beads in person.

Here in Calgary you will find a large selection of my heart pendant beads, owls, large hole style beads, and whimsical to formal key chains at Naughty Nelly Artisans and Imports at 1043 40th avenue NW. This store is owned by a wonderful lady; in addition to creating jewelry that is fun and funky she has a huge heart -- a portion of her profits are donated to the women's shelter. Please do stop in and see what she is doing!! You can also find my creations at Bavin Glassworks in Invermere BC, and Vigoro Nursery Gift Shops in the Cayman Islands.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We can accept all methods of payment. In our online store we can accept all major credit cards; for in-person purchases we an accept email money transfers, cash, or credit cards.

What is glass made of?
Glass is made of a mixture of lime, soda, and sand. To obtain different colors metal oxides are added like copper, iron, gold, cobalt or other oxides.

Where do you buy your glass?
We find our glass at various places. The only place in Calgary is Tiffany House in Kensington. Otherwise, we order in our glass from a variety of places in Canada and the USA. The cost of shipping is quite high so to help with this we will often order with a fellow lamp worker to share the costs.

How do you make glass beads?
Well this is the fun part. You make a bead by melting a glass rod in a torch flame and as the glass gets hot and buttery (molten), you wrap it around a stainless steel mandrel to form your bead. Then when the bead has been formed shaped and decorated you put it in your kiln at a very high temperature to anneal it so that is is very strong and durable.

Where do you get your beads from?
Every glass bead that you see has been hand made by Rhonda. When putting together jewelry like the bracelets or earrings you may see some crystals or silver spacers. These of course have been purchased and not handmade.

Do you use sterling silver in your jewelry?
We use a variety of metals in our creations, each item's description will clearly list the metals it contains.

How do we keep our jewelry clean?
Well silver plated findings clean up really nice with a silver cleaning cloth. Just rub with the cloth and your jewelry will be shining again. Also another good tip is to never leave your jewelry out in the open air. It oxidizes very quickly if you don't keep it in a dark sealed place.

Will my glass beads break?
Even though your beads are very strong, of course if you drop them on a tile floor, then yes, they may break..... That being said they should be able to stand some good wear and tear (other than dropping on tile).

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