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Beginner Beading class ~ 14/5/2015
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the beginner beading class that Meagan and I did together at your studio recently. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. When you first mentioned that you were a bead maker, I thought that you enjoyed stringing beads together to make things for friends. It didn't cross my mind that you actually "made" the beads, and I had no idea how incredibly beautiful your work is until you showed me your studio. I knew Meagan would love it because she has always enjoyed doing crafts when she was younger despite my own lack of creativity and ability to show her how to do them. It is sometimes challenging to find things that one can do with their teenagers that both people will enjoy so that was an extra value added to the experience for me. You are a gifted artist, but also a natural teacher. There is a big difference between being able to do something and being able to teach someone else how to do it, especially when it comes down to using those fine motor skills. Your step by step instructions, patience, encouragement, and progressions to more challenging skills were very specific to our abilities. I had no idea that we would be able to create some beads that we could be proud of and use in making some wearable pieces in just one session. The snacks were lovely too! I loved the opportunity to relax in your fun and peaceful studio and the sense of accomplishment and bonding with my teenager. When we got home she said, "Good outing Mom, thanks! When can we do it again?". We'll be back.

Exceptional studio! ~ 4/4/2015 ~ Qunicy
Absolutely exceptional studio! Rhonda is an excellent teacher and her studio is a great place to craft beads. She is highly talented and very attentive. I really enjoyed creating glass beads and she created the right environment for inspiration, fun and creativity.

Wonderful Teacher ~ 4/4/2015 ~ Kim
Hi, Rhonda. I wanted to thank you so much for introducing me to your world of bead making in the introductory class. You are such a wonderful teacher and made me feel so comfortable. I never felt rushed while trying out the different techniques that you showed us. I am so excited to see my finished product and can't wait to do some more.

What a joy! ~ 29/3/2015 ~ Amanda
What a joy! I attended the Introduction to Lampworking Glass Bead Class taught by Rhonda a few weeks ago, and I truly had a wonderful time. From the moment I entered Rhonda's beautiful studio, I felt completely at ease and I knew I was going to enjoy learning from her. Her confidence, knowledge, and teaching abilities allowed me to feel comfortable using a torch and melting glass within the first hour. I can happily say I made six beads during my first class! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in lampworking, You will have an amazing time. I look forward to returning to the studio to practice and take more classes, thank you Rhonda!

Awesome and fun ~ 14/7/2013 ~ Anne-Michele
This class has been an awesome and fun experience for me. I have to admit I was totally skeptical at first, as I thought I had no artistic flair....but it was so easy to learn. What to say about Rhonda: She is kind, so friendly, welcoming, generous and so talented, (the whole family is so friendly too). Every week I am counting the day for beads night. Thank you so much for everything and now I am a Lampwork beading addict.

Can't resist ~ 25/5/2013 ~ Chris
Love the beads made by these when Rhonda sends me pics of her latest work..I can't resist them!!

Best Taught Class ~ 1/3/2013 ~ Susan
This was probably the best taught class, in the most relaxing environment, I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot of different art classes). I went to the beginner class having never seen glass introduced to the flame before and left dreaming up many ideas for me to create in the flame. You learn, in detail, the beginner necessities and feel comfortable with what you have learned. The facilities and the instruction were top notch. Rhonda is friendly, knowledgeable and best of all I was at ease around her which made it easy to ask questions and just feel very comfortable. I would like to say a big thanks to Rhonda! You got me hooked.. Or should I say "glowing".

One on one focused instruction ~ 25/1/2013 ~ Kathy
Looking for the next step in your Lampworking journey? Rhonda's Glass Bead Girls Studio is a joy to work, learn and create in bright, cheery, well designed and equipped. Having already taken a beginners lampworking class at a larger, public, studio here in Calgary, and having a bit of time already investing at the torch, it was great to be able to book a small, semi-private class that was tailored specifically to our individual needs. With only two of us, we picked the techniques we wanted to focus on, and in One-Class had the opportunity to watch and learn with plenty of time to practice all the time getting "One-on-One" focused instruction! If you want to learn how to master a technique, how to use presses and rollers, dots and twists, or just expand upon your new found passion, make a list and let the girls know what you looking for You won't be disappointed! We are looking forward to our next class.

Exceeded expectations ~ 25/1/2013 ~ Dee
This glass lampworking workshop exceeded my expectations. It was a great "girl outing" and I can't believe we made several beautiful beads. I can't wait to glass bead again!

Perfect balance ~ 17/1/2013 ~ Shelley
I've always wanted to explore glass and bead work and jumped at the chance to attend a class. The course was the perfect balance of observed instruction and hands on application in a professional studio with a charming, intimate setting. This experience far exceeded my expectations and I know that I will definitely be back.

Thank you ~ 12/11/2012 ~ Theresa
I want to thank you for the glass bead lesson you gave me and my husband. I had been interested in glass beads for quite some time and was very happy to come across your website. Your class appealed to me because of its small size, allowing more productive time with both of us, teaching us the correct techniques. Because we live out of town, we decided to set up a studio in our basement rather than come in to the city to rent studio time. We only have one torch at present and we take turns making beads. My husband enjoys it so much that we plan to put in a second torch soon. We would recommend the classes at Glass Bead Girls to any of our friends. We both are looking forward to taking the next level of glass bead making.

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